Scaffolding – Word To The Wise…


10 Oct Scaffolding – Word To The Wise…

Czech writer, Mila Kundera had reportedly mentioned that metaphors are a dangerous thing. Though he was primarily talking about love, the human kind has learned to believe that metaphors indeed can be so confusing, perplexing.

Who would’ve thought that Scaffolding, a term so, let’s say, “industrial”  would also be used to describe the type of assistance offered by a teacher or peer to parts of learning which are completely beyond the student’s capability. Confusing, isn’t it ? So taking it upon ourselves, we finally came up with the following similarities :

First, both these types of scaffolding are accepted and appreciated worldwide. In both industries, educational and industrial, it is believed and proved that scaffolding is the base of the structure. It is the very ground that the giant buildings and constructions and the knowledge of the future residents of the earth are laid on. So without it, there would be no growth.

Secondly, each facilitative method used is chosen as an individually tailored instructional tool. Each child and each construction is different and that should be kept in mind. Scaffolding is a very subjective and should not be confused as a tightly bound concept that remains rigid in every necessity. Each case has to be carefully considered, pondered upon and then only can one witness scaffolding at its most helpful.

Finally, like any other method or principle, scaffolding in both cases is done best when left to the experts. We know that being independent is the dream, but if one could do everything by themselves, the world as we know it would come to an end. Both, the teachers, and our crew, have received immense training to be the best at what they do. So why not give them a chance?

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