Pipes – The Real Deal


20 Oct Pipes – The Real Deal

Such a vague term really. And with so many implications. It basically is any hollow cylinder following certain dimension rules. Its also a measurement unit for casks. A metal casting defect. A buffer in Chemistry and Biology laboratory work. Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE, get it?). And also Boatswain’s pipe – an official announcement made on a ship’s internal broadcast system, don’t even get me started on the names of the musical instruments this word’s inspired. The most famous, though, seems to be the Smoking pipe. No points for guessing why.

Seems like the words all over the place, huh? Like for everything second thing people couldn’t find a term for, they decided to call it ‘Pipe’. But then why is they stud that started the rage get forgotten somewhere down the line? Yes, I’m talking about the hollow cylindrical instrument used typically for fluid conveyance. It’s like what happened with Pete Best, who helped found The Beatles but was then sacked and forgotten.

So we, at Kolkata Scaffolding are back with the original kings. The Pipes. We supply hollow, rectangular and square pipes used for all kinds of applications like construction, Fire Fighting System, Set Designing, Staging, Fencing, Green House, Water Sprinkler System, Structures and Agricultural facilities. The Purpose of these Pipes extends to structural works as well as Water Pipelines, Agriculture and Irrigation, Water Mains, Sewage Systems, Industrial Water Lines, Plant Piping and deep Tube-Wells & Casing Pipes. We also specialize in Gas Pipelines, Air and Water Flow System.

So basically when it comes to Pipes, we’ve got it all. No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.

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