Not Just Commercial !!!


07 Jul Not Just Commercial !!!

Oscar Wilde says conversation about weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative, but hell! Who is talking about it any ways? We are a scaffolding firm but if someone were to go in a bar and talk about scaffolding, no chick is going to dig that, right. However, what if that person were to tell you that scaffolding is one of the unique and interesting things about construction, well the truth be told it won’t work either. So what can we do to make this scaffolding stuff look cool and swag?

Sure, you see a lot of these bamboos and pipes and stuff extending out of buildings and they keep changing don’t they, but have you ever wondered why those structures are around? People take things for granted, come on I mean how seriously can you take a stick of bamboo, and surely you won’t be hung over a pole unless it’s a lap dance session you are paying for, will you?  In case you do wonder, what these structures are for, you are either an unemployed homeless super tramp or you are super high. Why would you waste time drooling over vague blue print like structures? Yeah sure all they do is save some poor chap who is working in a construction up 20 stories and shit scared to death, but how is that even important.

I don’t know, we live in our cooped up world and the way I see people behave with, say a, vacuum salesman, I really don’t know if in the grand scheme of things, if it even matters to anyone if a person dies while making your little world possible. We make Scaffolding and We are damn proud of it. So the next time you do wonder about these unimportant obscure structure beside a building, it may be your home or your office or a club or a pub you like  going to, don’t ignore it, we are not saying go hubahuba over it and worship it , all we are  saying is, it ain’t  sure useless. Now there’s a food for thought.

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